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Doula, n ( dou;la);
A person who is a non-medical professional provides support to another individual through informational support, physical, emotional, and holistic care. 


Our Values

Respect the Individual

As doulas, we respect the individual no matter where in life they are. We provide nonjudgmental support. ​

Patient & Clients First

Patients and families come first. We want to make sure no one has to go through this process alone.

Act with Integrity

You can count on us, to be honest, and have strong moral principles.

Our Values

Meet Savior Doula Services

As an experienced Death/End of Life Doula in the San Antonio, Texas area, Anna offers personalized end of life planning and end of life support. Anna's goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about end of life care.
Anna possesses over 20 years of experience in hospice and elder care and 10 years of High Acuity Care with EMS. She is a Certified End-of-Life-Doula, Certified Companion Doula, Certified Life Planning Doula, and a Certified Administrative Assistant. Anna is also the owner of Savior Doula Services and the International Doula Life Movement. She also dedicates time to Holistic Care Hospice and Caring Hands Hospice in San Antonio, TX, as an on-staff End-Of-Life Doula.
Please know that you do not have to have a terminal diagnosis or be actively dying in order to use Savior Doula Services. We help people who just want to have a conversation about the concerns they have around death and dying, or they have questions about what to expect when a loved one passes, or for anyone who would like to plan ahead.

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Meet Svior Doula Services
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Why do you need an End of Life Doula if you have Hospice?

It may appear that EOL doulas provide the same services as hospice or palliative care, but clients of death doulas and their loved ones gain significant benefits that differ in many ways.


One is time. The hospice team, including volunteers, hindered by caseload and requirements, can provide only a few hours a week of face-to-face time for patient care.


On the other hand, EOL doulas can work alongside the hospice team as its eyes and ears, teaching caregivers how to care for their loved ones more consistently, educating about the natural dying process as often as necessary, and being available to offer holistic care anytime and anywhere. Most importantly, death doulas can provide the respite needed for caregivers overwhelmed emotionally, mentally and physically by the round-the-clock care needed once a patient begins to transition.


In addition, EOL doulas help patients receive the holistic benefits of a hospice-style approach to care well before they are admitted to hospice service. A continuing problem for hospice care in the U.S. is that patients wait too long and live, on average, only 14 to 20 days on services.


Services such as caregiver respite, obtaining community resources, assisting with transportation or other activities of daily living can be provided by EOL doulas at any time in the disease process; keeping patients at home, healthier and happier for longer, another important benefit for patients and families using death doulas at this early stage.


Another key difference between hospice providers and EOL doulas is that doulas can help family and loved ones immediately after death. This time is often chaotic and scary for families, but death doulas help families gain some control during this time by helping plan and carry out rituals, home wakes, funerals and other personal ways to have quality sacred time with loved ones. These after-death plans help facilitate healing and healthy grieving by being present and listening to offer support long after a client’s death.


By providing professional planning, elder care, end-of-life care and meaningful after-death care, dedicated EOL doulas provide valuable resources throughout people’s life spans and in their communities, ultimately improving not just how people die, but also how people and communities live.


How Doulas Assist

Many end-of-life doulas, also known as death midwives, and Death Doulas say they complement the care from hospitals, senior-care facilities and hospices, as well as fill in the gaps that occur during the dying process. End-of-life doulas can provide several services to your loved ones and their family:

Calming the terminally ill through guided visualization

Comfort for the dying through massage

Coordination of care

Helping with legacy projects to memorialize the life of the soon-to-be deceased

Respite care for family members

Vigil planning

Vigil sitting



Why do you need an End of Life Doula if you have Hospice
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*More families are opting to care for loved ones at home
*Patients want to be at home
*End of Life Doulas fill in the gaps of medical care
*End-of-Life Doula can help families and loved ones focus on what is most important to them
*Doulas may assist with forgiveness, creating ceremony or ritual, a companion, life planning, and respite care
*Doulas may also assist the client and family with having awake at the client's home
*Reinforce care concepts
*Coordinate family care and meetings
*Acknowledge mysteries and unexplained events
*Bring peace and care during the family's long days and changes during the vigil
*Provide care no matter where the death takes place
*Sit vigil and provide a sacred space for family and patients
*Provide a sacred space after-death care, ritual, and make sure that dignity and respect is honored during removal of body

Why do we need End of Life Doulas

Free Consultation

Let's chat and see how we can help. Our initial consultation is free. We can meet through Zoom or in person.


We offer Tela-Doula service for anyone outside of a 50-mile radius of San Antonio, Texas or if you prefer due to COVID.


Reach out to us and let us show you how we can help.

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Life Planning Doula Services

Having been trained at the end of life planning processes. Life Planning Doulas can help individuals create a personal plan for the future to include advance directives, living plans, and family mediation.

Other services include:
*Help individuals with an end of life living plan.
*Explain what advance directives are
*Health Care Proxy
*Organ Donation
*Explain Various Medical Terms
*Complete Advance Care Planning
*What treatments do you want
*What treatments you don't want
*Facilitate family meetings
*Discuss your wishes with your family and physician

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End of Life Doula Services

Don't go through the end of life alone. As a Death/End of Life Doula, we can support you even if you are on hospice services. We work along the side of hospice to provide support. We are the eyes and ears to helping families and hospices.

We can offer:
•   Suggesting interventions for comfort.
•   Helping to facilitate unresolved issues
•   Advanced Directives
•   Planning the Vigil
•   End of Life Planning
•   Writing the Obituary
•   Writing the Eulogy
•   Creating Remembrances
•   Finding Peace and Acceptance-Helping the patient to find meaning in their life and what their contribution was to this life
•   Support the Patient and Their Loved Ones through the entire End of Life Journey
•   Angel Care Vigil (shift or round clock)


Anna is truly amazing, I know it isn't always easy in her line of work but she does it with such grace, love and compassion. My family has had the honor of working with her in our time of need and she definitely made it so much easier on my family.

Amanda Rubio Almendarez


"I will always cherish the helping hand my family got from Anna. She preserved that personal moment and so many more for my mother’s dying days."


Andrea Aycock

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A Proud Member of the
National End of Life Doula Alliance

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Our Badges

NEDA Proficient

A proficiency badge from NEDA signifies that these Core Competencies have been met. Families can know that an end-of-life doula who has earned a NEDA Proficiency Badge has met certain standards. Hospice and palliative care organizations can have the same confidence when hiring or making referrals to end-of-life doulas who have a NEDA Proficiency Badge.  Savior Doula Services is proud to be NEDA proficient. 



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Are interested in becoming a Death/End of Life Doula ?

International Doula Life Movement prides itself on being an extensive and inclusive End of Life Doula certification training program. Our educational staff is dedicated to training those interested in supporting patients and families planning or facing the end of life. Students will learn how to provide companion services, life planning, and end of life care. IDLM students will learn how to use a holistic approach to the dying individual and their family.

Become a Doula
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Death Doulas Help the Dying Meet Their End With Affirmation
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